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Beth H. Macy

Beth is an accomplished videographer, having trained with the New York Film Acadamy and with Rosenblum TV in New York City. She is also a graduate of the Desktop Documentaries: "How To Make A Documentary" Crash Course. Beth is available to produce 1-2 minute web videos for music or business promotion, a 30 min video to document your party or event, music videos, or other filming and editing needs.

Contact Beth at bhmconsulting

It takes a team of people to make a documentary. Be part of that team and have an inside seat to the filmmaking process while you support two local filmmakers and hear the stories of the running community. Help us bring the runners’ stories to the screen and inspire others. Be a part of continuing to spread the camaraderie and celebrating the internal fortitude that each individual in our story exhibits. “A Long Way for a Short Run” will bring to the screen a view of genuine, every day people who are struggling to help manage and overcome obstacles in their lives through exercise. These stories will help inspire others who may be struggling with similar issues and will also give an inside view into the local Newburyport area running community. Visit to donate now!

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Beth H. Macy
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